Spring 2014


Legend / Notes on Glaze

Wayne KoestenbaumMake jam, not art

Colors / Crimson

Jude StewartBled dry

Ingestion / The Endoscopic Imagination

D. Graham BurnettThe eye inside

Inventory / “Do You Believe in Angels?” and Other Inquiries

Lori ColeEugene Jolas’s questionnaires for transition magazine



Katherine HuntThe mathematics of change ringing

Artist Project / Overgrowth

Helene SchmitzCreeping kudzu

Emotional Investment

Rubén GalloMarcel Proust’s Mexican stocks

Artist Project / Burnouts

Julia ChristensenTracking obsolete asterisms


Mass Effect

Sasha ArchibaldIn the shadow of Giant Rock

Artist Project / Plague Stones

Sophie NysTrading places

A Difficult Calculus

Theodor RingborgThe alien pain of bladder stones

Anthropomorphic Erratics of Fairfield County, Connecticut

Richard KleinA speculative archaeology

From a “Wounderous” Place

James TrainorReading the rocks of Kaaterskill Falls

Style-Eating Granite

Alexander NagelMineral entropy


Hugh RafflesHistories of London Stone

Artist Project / An Archive within an Archive within an Archive

David BrooksYesterday’s news

Surrey’s Black Eye

Jeff DolvenMaking chaos with the readiest missiles


Postcard / Rock and Roll

A narrow escape

Artist Project: Bookmark / The Size of

Ryan ThompsonYea big

Kiosk / Spring 2014

CabinetIn the nooks and crannies