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Spring 2002


The Clean Room / Reading the Working Body after September 11

David Serlin

Leftovers / It’s about Time for Fresh Kills

Mierle Laderman Ukeles

Colors / Hazel

Jonathan Lethem

Ingestion / How to Read a Menu

Allen S. Weiss


The Beautiful Possibility

Paul Collins

Artist Project / Location, Location, Location

Rachel Harrison

No Hair of the Dog

Jesse Lerner

The Boreal Crown and the Downfall of Civilization


Necessary Fictions: A Tour of Guidebooks to Twentieth-Century Saigon

Lily Chi

Artist Project / Live Like This!

Sabine Bitter & Helmut Webber

How to Read Two Monoliths

Srdjan Jovanovic Weiss and Sabine von Fischer

From Carnival to Carnival™

Philip Scher


Great Vitreous Tact

Frances Richard

Artists' Project / The New Health Center

Nick Debs, Aaron Cobbett, and Aaron Plant

A Guide to Insults

Professor Naess’s Alpine Garden

David Rothenberg

Color Gardens before Color Photography

Robin Veder

Geohorticultural Fantasies

Lewis Masquerier

“Against This Terrible Invasion of Foreigners We Would Protest”

Rebecca Preston


Søren Martinsen

A Poetics of Plant Pathology

Susan Swenson

Rubus Armeniacus

Office for Soft Architecture

Unlimited Edition / Seed Packets

Kim Dickey, Kris Lee, Alan Sonfist, Laura Stein and the Royal Potter

Thinking Like a Plant

Christoph Cox

Artist Project / Anti-monuments

Ann Burke Daly

English Gardens and the Division of Labor

Martin Hoyles

Artist Project / Photographs

Justine Kurland

Linnaeus: Pruning Names

Lytle Shaw

Artist Project / The Mystery of Spring

Spencer Finch

Show Me the Monet

Rachel Urkowitz

Los Angeles, Garden City

Angela Blake

The Schreber Garden

Jan Turowski

Proposed Redevelopment of the Oval, Hackney E2, London

Nils Norman


Postcard 1

Olav Westphalen

Postcard 2

Paul Ramirez Jonas

Web Extras

Campus Prairie

Benjamin GoluboffA Community Assesses Its Landscape

Park / No Park

David GissenNo Central Park

Standards for the Large Hairless Mexican Dog (‘Standard Xoloitzcuintle’)