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Fall 2002


The Clean Room / Just Say No to Eucalyptus

David Serlin

Colors / Rust

Albert Mobilio

Ingestion / The Life of Elagabalus

Aelius Lampridius

Leftovers / International Arrangement Concerning the Conveyance of Corpses

League of Nations


Bang the Keys Swiftly: Type-Writers and Their Discontents

Barry Sanders

The Devil’s Ordinary

Markman Ellis

Welcome to the Molly-House: An Interview with Randolph Trumbach

Amanda Bailey and Randolph Trumbach

Skateable Reverse Engineering

Jocko Weyland

Collaborating with Warhol: An Interview with Ronald Tavel

Dorothy Krasowska and Ronald Tavel

Yes / No

Joseph Fratesi

Artist Project / The Other Side

Vadim Fishkin

The Sole of the Criminal: An Interview with William Bodziak

Sina Najafi, Frances Richard, and William Bodziak

Why You’re Crazy: The DSM Story

Mark S. Roberts and David B. Allison

The Logics of Deflation

John Roberts

Artist Project / Stamps

Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick, Richard Massey, Ruth Root, and Shahzia Sikander

Righting Copyright: An Interview with Lawrence Lessig

Jay Worthington and Lawrence Lessig

Save Your Family: An Open Call


El Pueblo Unido: Architecture and Revolution in Tehran

Tirdad Zolghadr


Me, Myself, and Super-Me: An Interview with David Healy

David Serlin and David Healy


Reed Anderson

The Medicine Barrel

Paul Collins

The Placebo Effect

Tom Vanderbilt

On the Poison Path: An Interview with Dale Pendell

David Levi Strauss, Peter Lamborn Wilson, and Dale Pendell

Spiders under the Influence

Goats on Acid

Sasha Archibald

Highlights of the Second Hashish Impression

Walter Benjamin

I Hear a New World: Vibrating Cutlery and the Roots of Psychedelic Music

Andrew Hultkrans

Greatest Hits: The Art of Blotter Acid

Algebra Is Drunkenness

Allen S. Weiss

The Deadly Rausch

Hans Fallada

A Happy Madness: Images of Drug Use in the Casasola Archive

Jesse Lerner

The Reified Lozenge

Frederick Gross

Poison Eros: Anecdotes on Aphrodisiacs and Dose

Miranda Flower Mellis


Kevin C. Pyle


Postcard / Self Portrait with Dog (2002)

Chloe Piene