Fall 2002


The Clean Room / Just Say No to Eucalyptus

David SerlinThe canine algebra of need

Colors / Rust

Albert MobilioThe swirl of a drowned autumn

Ingestion / The Life of Elagabalus

Aelius LampridiusCertain new kinds of vice

Leftovers / International Arrangement Concerning the Conveyance of Corpses

League of NationsIf a body catch a body


Bang the Keys Swiftly

Barry SandersType-writers and their discontents

The Devil’s Ordinary

Markman EllisConsuming public culture in the coffee-house

Welcome to the Molly-House: An Interview with Randolph Trumbach

Amanda Bailey and Randolph TrumbachThe gay male subculture of eighteenth-century London

Skateable Reverse Engineering

Jocko WeylandRadical contours

Collaborating with Warhol: An Interview with Ronald Tavel

Dorothy Krasowska and Ronald TavelThe Factory’s scriptwriter-in-residence

Yes / No

Joseph FratesiTraffic signals

Artist Project / The Other Side

Vadim FishkinA new world order

The Sole of the Criminal: An Interview with William Bodziak

Sina Najafi, Frances Richard, and William BodziakFootwear and forensics

Why You’re Crazy

Mark S. Roberts and David B. AllisonThe DSM story

The Logics of Deflation

John RobertsThe avant-garde, Lomography, and the fate of the photographic snapshot

Artist Project / Stamps

Nicholas Kahn & Richard Selesnick, Richard Massey, Ruth Root, and Shahzia SikanderIt’s on the mail

Righting Copyright: An Interview with Lawrence Lessig

Jay Worthington and Lawrence LessigPrivate property, public domain

Save Your Family: A Call for Entries

CabinetPublish or perish

El Pueblo Unido

Tirdad ZolghadrArchitecture and revolution in Tehran


Me, Myself, and Super-Me: An Interview with David Healy

David Serlin and David HealyThe rise of the lifestyle drug

Artist Project / Drawings

Reed AndersonPharmaceutical fantasias

The Medicine Barrel

Paul CollinsThe gospel of Viavi hygiene

The Placebo Effect

Tom VanderbiltTo please or to benefit

On the Poison Path: An Interview with Dale Pendell

David Levi Strauss, Peter Lamborn Wilson, and Dale PendellA sacred intoxication

Spiders under the Influence

Web errors

Goats on Acid

Sasha ArchibaldJust say “maaah”

Highlights of the Second Hashish Impression

Walter BenjaminVelvety, more glowing, darker

I Hear a New World

Andrew HultkransVibrating cutlery and the roots of psychedelic music

Greatest Hits

The art of blotter acid

Algebra Is Drunkenness

Allen S. WeissMelvin Way’s poetics of the ad infinitum

The Deadly Rausch

Hans FalladaMorphine mania

Interstitial Images

A Happy Madness

Jesse LernerImages of drug use in the Casasola Archive

The Reified Lozenge

Frederick GrossThe semiotics of pill geometry

Poison Eros

Miranda Flower MellisAnecdotes on aphrodisiacs and dose


Kevin C. PyleWeaponizing the psychoactive


Interstitial Images

Postcard / Self-Portrait with Dog

Chloe PieneClose to the bone