Summer 2006


Thing / No. 3

Andrea Codrington, Joshua Glenn, and Tal SchoriMostly blue and pretty small

Inventory / Beloved

Kate FerenczReading between the lines of the obituaries

Colors / Tawny

Eileen MylesThe light you’ll never know

Ingestion / Soup of the Dead

Xavier GirardInto the abyss


Mexican Radio Goes to the North Pole

Rubén GalloTobacco’s wireless adventures

Gale Forces

Jackie Dee GromThe ventifacts of Antarctica’s Dry Valleys

The Scale and the Spectrum

James PeelA history of color-music


CabinetAnd the winner is…

Code Orange

Maggie CutlerRobert-Houdin and his fantastic magic tree

The Nose

ImplicasphereProbing the proboscis

To Be or Knot to Be

Christine WertheimWhat is the question?

A Brief History of the Future

Alan Berger and Dorion SaganThe metaphysics of ruination

Re-Use Value

Jenny TobiasStock photography and the future of the past

Artist Project / Explosion

Sarah PickeringThe pyrotechnical sublime


National Insecurity

Jeffrey KastnerA. C. Hobbs and the Great Lock Controversy of 1851

Ready for Inspection: An Interview with Valentin Groebner

David Serlin and Valentin GroebnerThe early history of identity documents


Ben KafkaSabotaging the Committee of Public Safety

Weapons of Mass Reduction

Gage McWeenyViscous bubbles, sponge grenades, and the future of non-lethal arms

Expansion, Confrontation, Containment: An Interview with Reviel Netz

Jeffrey Kastner, Sina Najafi, and Reviel NetzHow barbed wire secured the modern world

Between the Striated and the Smooth

Shimon NavehIntroduction by Eyal Weizman

Artist Project / Chicago

Adam Broomberg & Oliver ChanarinImproving the “art of destruction”

Not a Happy Fraction of a Man

Gaby WoodPhantom limbs and the imagined security of the body

Artist Project / Swimming Lessons

Miklos GaalInto the deep end

You Created You

Brian McMullenBut we look rather similar


Brian DillonA short history of hypochondria

Offering For

James OlesThe Olmec and the mysterious case of Number 7


Artist Project / Intrusion Mobile

David MilesRest uneasy

Two Bookmarks for Quitters

Brian McMullenTo celebrate your early exit

Back Cover / Small Barnacled Rock

Nina KatchadourianHere’s looking at you

Web Extras

The War of Streets and Houses

Thomas BugeaudThe first treatise on urban combat