Winter 2006–2007


Inventory / School of Rocks

Piper MarshallSelling Mrs. Stanford’s jewels

Object Lesson / Objet de Lux

Celeste OlalquiagaThe passions of Madame Du Châtelet

Colors / Violet

Daniel HandlerYour name is a color

Ingestion / Fear of Flesh

Allen S. WeissThe garden of earthy delights


Bodies at Rest

Tony WoodKonstantin Melnikov’s Sonata of Sleep

Dead Troops Salute

Louis KaplanArthur Mole’s living photographs

Menger’s Spongiform Encephalopathy

Margaret Wertheim and Jeannine MoselyBuilding a fractal house of cards

Salt and Pepper

ImplicasphereSeason to taste

Measure for Measure: An Interview with Anne Chaka

Frances Richard and Anne ChakaA visit to the National Institute of Standards and Technology

Square Watermelons and Leg Art

Jocko WeylandExploring the Associated Press Photo Library

Artist Project / Make Model Mark

Greg JonesDifference and repetition

Plotto’s Pharmacy

Lytle ShawThe wiseguys and the Farmer Con

Artist Project / Eye Drawings

Jochem HendricksThe way he looked

Paying Attention

Jonathan BellerThe commodification of the sensorium

Jesus Kills

Steve FeatherstoneDo unto others, before they do unto you


Shades of Black

Trevor PaglenSymbolic language and covert military programs

A Short History of the Shadow: An Interview with Victor I. Stoichita

Christopher Turner and Victor I. StoichitaFrom Plato’s cave to Duchamp’s widow

Artist Project / Cabinet Shadows

Byron KimUmbral associations

Otto Neurath’s Universal Silhouettes

George PendleThe father of the Isotype

Darkness Visible

Marina WarnerThe view from the shadows

Artist Project / Stage

Katrín SigurðardóttirShadow Cabinet

Artist Project / Carte de Visite

Glenn LigonSelling the shadow to support the substance

Mirror, Mirror

Julia Bryan-WilsonAn Austrian town tries to step out of the shadows

Artist Project / Spin Shadow Heads

Tim Noble & Sue WebsterIn silhouette

Sleight of Light

Jonathan AllenMagic in the shadows

Five O’Clock Shadows

Colby ChamberlainLosing by a razor-thin margin


Postcard / Hand Exercise for Shadowgraphy (Ballerina)

Félicien TreweyFingers and toe shoes

Bookmark / Clip, Stamp, Fold (1977–1979)

Beatriz ColominaCover to cover