Winter 2004–2005


Colors / Pistachio

Spencer FinchWhat Nabokov saw when he heard the letter t

Inventory / The Bible: 2,728 Objects in Order of Appearance

Emma KayIn the beginning was the word “seed”

Ingestion / Disembodied Cuisine

Oron Catts & Ionat ZurrToward victimless meat

Leftovers / Not in Our Backyard: An Interview with Jim Puckett

Sasha Archibald and Jim PuckettYour old computer is killing people


Crocheting the Hyperbolic Plane: An Interview with David Henderson and Daina Taimina

Margaret Wertheim, David Henderson, and Daina TaiminaInto non-Euclidean space, with hook and yarn

Build Your Own Hyperbolic Soccer Ball Model

Keith HendersonSending off Euclid

Artist Project / My Neck Is Thinner Than a Hair—A History of the Car Bomb in the 1975–1991 Lebanese Wars

Atlas Group/Walid RaadEngines of conflict

The Building Is Our Last Line of Defense: An Interview with Eve Hinman

Sina Najafi, Eyal Weizman, and Eve HinmanThe architecture of security

Artist Project / The Story of a Pyromaniac Photographer

Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil JoreigeAbdallah Farah and Beirut’s “Battle of the Hotels”

Jigsaws: A User’s Manual

Christopher TurnerAssembling a history of the puzzle

Cabinetlandia: Update No. 2

Matthew PassmoreBuilding the Cabinet National Library

Artist Project / New World Order

2x4With us and against us

The End of the Line

Mats BigertTo queue or not to queue

Artist Project / Waiting Rooms

Lars TunbjörkTake a seat

The Sea

Dead Seas

Mark DeryThe psychogeography of Southern California

The Sunset Coast

Michael BracewellThe past within the present at the English seaside

Artist Project / A Life Full of Holes

Yto BarradaThe narrowness and distress of the strait

Fluid States

Margaret CohenThe maritime in modernity

On One Lost Hair

Gregory WhiteheadThe final voyage of Horatio Nelson

Artist Project / Shipbreaking

Edward BurtynskyRun aground

The Generation of the Jolly Roger

Stephen O’NeillDeath, violence, limited time

Sea Monsters

Jeffrey KastnerThe science of rogue waves

Utopia Beneath the Waves: An Interview with Matthew Stewart

Jennifer Liese and Matthew StewartNarcis Monturiol’s submarine dream

Artist Project / Ocean Photographs

Dan ToropThe birds and the seas

The Confetti of Empire

Keller EasterlingNauru’s riches to rags story


Postcard 1 / St. Georges Hotel

Joana Hadjithomas & Khalil JoreigeBurned into memory

Postcard 2 / Colossal Octopus

Denys de MontfortThe beast of St. Malo

Bookmark / Anchors

Aweigh with them!

Back Cover / Ice Cream Made from Water from the Caribbean Sea

Quisqueya HenriquezLittorally tasty