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Winter 2001–2002


The Clean Room / Wrestling with the “Digital Angel”

David Serlin

Leftovers / (G)Litter

Sara Harris

Colors / Indigo

Frances Richard

Ingestion / The Pleasures and Ideology of Fusion

Allen S. Weiss


The Acoustics of War

Daria Vaisman

What’s in a Name

David E. Brown

Raw and Processed Data

Walter Pitts

Keller Easterling

Imported Nationalism

Jesse Lerner

The Pigment Connoisseur

Gregory Williams

Artist Project / The Portrait Connection

Peter Rostovsky

The Traveling Interview: The Second Leg

Lucy Lippard and Kathy Vargas

Two Postcards

Aris Fioretos

The Emergence of Social Inequality among Robots

Luc Steels

Artist Project / Brancusi/Koons

James Dawson-Hollis

Private Lunar ESP: An Interview with Edgar Mitchell

Fia Backström and Edgar Mitchell

Artist Project / Doppelgänger

Francis Alÿs

The Practice of Failure

John Roberts


On Evil: An Interview with Alain Badiou

Christoph Cox, Molly Whalen, and Alain Badiou

On Evil: An Interview with Alenka Zupancic

Christoph Cox and Alenka Zupancic

Letter Bombs, 1904–1998

Carl Michael von Hausswolff

Artist Project / Good Over Evil/Evil Over Good

Lee Etheredge IV

Bats and Dancing Bears: An Interview with Eric A. Zillmer

Sina Najafi and Eric A. Zillmer

Modernist Malice

Andrea Codrington

The De-demonization of Evil

Ulrich Baer

Destroyed: Project and Insert

David Bunn

Of Criminals, Degenerates, and Literary Offenders

Marina van Zuylen

Live and Die as Eva Braun

Roee Rosen

Special CD Insert / Deuteronomy

Brian Dewan

Artist Project / Twenty Minutes under Water

Carsten Höller

The Persistence of Goodness

Sven-Olov Wallenstein

The Evil Eye: An Interview with Alan Dundes

Nicholas Frobes-Cross and Alan Dundes

Antichrist: An Interview with Bernard McGinn

Kristofer Widholm and Bernard McGinn

Victor Houteff

Harry Steinberg

The Orthodox Origins of Heterodoxy

Karen Sullivan


Unlimited Edition / Evil/Exit

Vincent Mazeau


Victor Houteff