Winter 2002/03


The Clean Room / Superfly Me to the Moon

David SerlinRace, physiology, and the culture of aerospace science

Leftovers / At Death’s Doorknob

Paul CollinsThe bloody-minded invention of Dr. Dibble

Colors / Sulphur

Thomas BellerMoody, toxic, light, and tasty

Ingestion / Culinary Landscapes

Allen S. WeissAntonin Carême, the Palladio of cuisine


The Wall and the Eye: An Interview with Eyal Weizman

Jeffrey Kastner, Sina Najafi, and Eyal WeizmanArchitecture and negative planning in the West Bank

Paint Your Troubles Away

Richard FlemingA wall with a view in an Israeli settlement

Cable TV’s Failed Utopian Vision: An Interview with Dara Birnbaum

Nicolás Guagnini and Dara BirnbaumTelevisual activism and the revolution that never was

Thaddeus Cahill’s “Music Plant”

Brian DewanThe Telharmonium and the promise of electrical music on tap

Artist Project / To Be Looked at, from a Distance, with Eyes Crossed

Dan Wolgers

Hello, Nice to Meet You, Do You Want to Go to Holland?: A Conversation with Robert Kloos and Mónica de La Torre

Regine Basha, Robert Kloos, and Mónica de la TorreHow cultural attachés sell their countries

Save Your Family

Jay WorthingtonReaders’ photos, protected until 2047


Fröbel and the Gifts of Kindergarten

Norman BrostermanCultivating the modern child in the garden of play

Artist Project / School Year

Helen Mirra

Where the Wild Things Were: An Interview with Leonard S. Marcus

Brian Selznick, David Serlin, and Leonard S. MarcusThe history of children’s literature from Orbis Pictus to The Rabbits Wedding

Artist Project / A Pack of Blind Sniffing Dogs

Byron Kim

Picturing Innocence: An Interview with Anne Higonnet

Sina Najafi and Anne HigonnetFrom the ideal child to the knowing child

Does the Proletarian Child Need a Fairytale?

Alla RosenfeldThe Soviet-production book for children

Artist Project / On Reading

Wendy Ewald

The Doll Games

Pamela Jackson and Shelley JacksonThirty years on, a scholarly reconsideration of the Jacksons’ childhood world

Homo Bulla: An Interview with Sabine Mödersheim

Kris Coue and Sabine MödersheimThe trouble with bubbles

Artist Project / Drawings

Marcel Dzama

Finders Keepers

Michael WitmoreOn the history of prodigies

Artist Project / Praxis Dr. Kössendrup

Aura Rosenberg

Skabetti, Peas, Apple Cake, and Ice Cream

A meal based on recipes by children

CD Insert / Juvenilia

Catharine Echols, Luna Montgomery, Qaunak Martha Meekeega & Temegeak Pitaulassie, Ellen Band, Edmond Dewan, Poto & Cabengo, Holidaze, Julia Loktev, Gregory Whitehead, Gen Ken Montgomery, Teddy Fire, John Oswald & Susanna Hood, Thuunderboy, Langley Schools Music Project, Maggie Grey & Jessie Tomassie, Helen Mirra, Bill Farrell, Min Huê & Nhu’ Qùynh, John Hudak, and Egnekn’s DaughterCurated by Brian Conley and Christoph Cox

Artist Project / The Sound of Music

Barbara Pollack

Model Child: An Interview with Max Berger

Joseph R. Wolin and Max BergerOn being photographed. Constantly. By your mother.

Some Relics of Childhood

Rodney PhillipsEarly works by Auden, Isherwood, Kerouac, Plath, and Shelley

Artist Project / Sculpture from Drawings

Billy Holloway and Christo Holloway

The Rough Guide: Favell Lee Mortimer’s The Countries of Europe Described

Todd PruzanA xenophobic travelogue for Victorian tots


Postcard / Babies of the World, Unite!