Spring 2010


Inventory / Keep It Déclassé

Colby ChamberlainThe world according to the Surrealists

Colors / Green

Paul MaliszewskiA bill of goods

Ingestion / Folded Allegories

Daniel BirnbaumUnfurling to infinity

Leftovers / The Art of Mechanical Reproduction

Yara FloresPointing toward the future of the book


Buried Alive

Christopher TurnerAt home with the Collyer Brothers

Artist Project / The Plan

Michael SchmellingThe wages of disposophobia

Good-Night Lyudi

Kevin McCannThe fate of “schizophrenic language student” Louis Wolfson

Bachelor Pad Revolution

Eva DíazJosef Albers and the Command Records look

Hot on the Trail

Thomas A. P. Van LeeuwenThe culinary genius of Alexis Soyer

Barrier Is Everywhere

Jocko WeylandBlock and yaw

Decolonize Your Park

Jennifer DoyleFútbol Angeleño, on the run

Changing the Pictures

Owen HatherleyWhat’s left of London’s political murals

Artist Project / Prison Landscapes

Alyse EmdurInside out


Pop Art

Jonathan AllenInflationary aesthetics

The Soul Is a Trapped Gas

Justin E. H. SmithThe pneuma world order

Up, Up, and Away

Gordon Matta-ClarkLetters from an aspiring balloonist

Harpo’s Bubbles

Wayne KoestenbaumThe empty, the transparent, the unresolvable, the stacked-up, and the lit

Two Bubbles, and a Third

D. Graham BurnettAll must inevitably burst

What Do Bubbles Taste Like?: An Interview with David Arnold

Eben Klemm and David ArnoldAHHHH, and then ERRRRR


Postcard / Bubble Trouble

A public appeal

Bookmark / Bubblegum Pink

A fateful decision