Spring 2004


Colors / Khaki

Ben MarcusFor the potential Hemingway in all of us

Inventory / Fallen Figures & Heads: Leon Golub’s Lists

David Levi StraussThe poetry of the archive

Ingestion / The Shelf-Life of Liquefying Objects

Jamer HuntMonuments go limp

Leftovers / What to Do with a Worn-Out Koran

Michael CookA question of disposition


Edison’s Warriors

Christoph CoxDeceive to defeat


Sasha ArchibaldThe migrations of a symbol

Border Sound Files: Excerpts from an Audio Essay

Josh KunInto Tijuana, through the aural aleph

Borderline Archeology

Jesse LernerJanus-faced geography

Data and Metadata: An Interview with Murtha Baca and Erin Coburn

Eve Meltzer, Julia Meltzer, Murtha Baca, and Erin CoburnYou say Ugolini Lorenzetti, I say Bartolommeo Bulgarini

100,000 Bottles of Beer in the Wall

Paul CollinsAlfred Heineken’s recycling program

Cutaneous: An Interview with Steven Connor

Brian Dillon and Steven ConnorOn, in, through, and beneath the skin

The Figurative Incarnation of the Sentence (Notes on the “Autographic” Skin)

Georges Didi-HubermanDermographia and the inscribed body

The Hand Up Project: Attempting to Meet the New Needs of Natural Life-Forms

Elizabeth DemarayA new home for the hermit crab


Thinking Futures

Daniel Rosenberg and Susan HardingConspiracy, prophecy, and utopia

Very Slow Scan Television

Gebhard Sengmüller and Jakob EdlbacherTune in, turn on, wait

Desert Modernism

Joseph MascoFrom the Nevada Test Site to Liberace’s sequined suits

CD Insert / Past Forward

Woodrow Wilson, Janek Schaefer, Achim Wollscheid, Kara Lynch, Luz Maria Sánchez, Manuel Rocha Iturbide, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Harald Bode, Microsound.org, George H. W. Bush, and The Quiet AmericanThe sounds of things to come

Artist Project / Naturalia

Aziz + CucherUnnatural science

The Use of Drugs to Influence Time Experience

Heroin to “lose the present,” alcohol to make time “go faster”

The Day before the Day After

Waiting for JFK: Austin, Texas, 22 November 1963

The Trouble with Timelines

Daniel RosenbergThe measure of it all

A Timeline of Timelines

Sasha Archibald and Daniel RosenbergA device turned on itself

Phases of Life 1: The Artificial Foster-Mother

Samantha VincentyThe birth of the incubator

Phases of Life 2: The Family Room of Tomorrow

Joseph MascoThe domestic dreamspace, after the bomb

Phases of Life 3: Living at Death’s Door

Nicholas SammondNot dead yet

Hummingbird Futures

Daniel RosenbergTheodor Nelson and the creation of hypertext

The Veterans of Future Wars

Susan HamsonPatriotism, prepaid

The Sexual Archipelago

Jessica SewellSimon Spies’s hydraulic pleasure palace

The Eight-Fold Path to Knowing Ra

Greg RowlandSpace is the place

The Martian Variations

Covering War of the Worlds

Scent from the Future

Miryam SasThe hauntings, vanishings, and scents of Japanese Futurism

Manifesto of the Japanese Futurist Movement

Hirato RenkichiIn Japanese and English

The Cabinet Time Capsule

CabinetA call for contributions


Postcard / Message to the Future, 1897

Gallop, Wilkins, Sainsbury, Chester & PickernellPlease let us know in the other world when you get this

Bookmark / Alien Timeline

Joe NickellE.T.s through the years

Back Cover

An immodest proposal